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Acoustic Soul Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter Nkechi Live!
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Nkechi Live!'s Music Bio
Nkechi (pronounced nnn-KAY-chee), has made an immense contribution to the entertainment industry in many ways over time. She has been blessed with the opportunity to be everything from a fashion model, to the face you see in commercials, to playing lead roles in film. Nkechi has also expressed her creativity through her vocals and song-writing ability. Although, she has had this talent her whole life, she only recently acknowledged this gift. “Out of the blue, lyrics and melodies come to me. I have come to realize these creative sparks are a gift from God that must be honored and shaped” Nkechi was born in the U.S. and attended elementary school in her father’s native Nigeria. She inherited the gift of music from her mother a former jazz singer from Philadelphia.

While attending high school back in the U.S., Nkechi entered various musical talent shows and discovered her gifts for spontaneity and improvisation. In university, she pursued her Electrical Engineering degree, sang in a band and started modeling and acting. But after working as an engineer for a leading semiconductor chip manufacturer she found that her heart and soul lay in fully exploring the blessing of creativity and developing her talents to support this gift.

On faith, Nkechi left her career as an engineer and began to explore more creative outlets - performing live improvisational vocals with DJs, singing lead and guest vocals with local bands, and now writing, developing, staging and performing live music shows. "Every show is different and unique. Ultimately, I consider myself a performance artist. I am inspired with lyrics and melodies through movement and dance, as well as, through the instrument of my voice. I have been living in Grace the moment I chose to trust, discover, develop, and maintain a connection with Christ, the source of my joy and inspiration”

Nkechi is currently working to bring her unique voice and expressions to larger singing, writing, recording, and performance venues. In a short time Nkechi has been blessed to have performed at many large venues with many accomplished Bay Area musicians as Nkechi Live! Band. For more information. To book Nkechi Live! Band e-mail bookings [at] nkechi.com. Her website is www.nkechi.com