Nkechi Live! presents JAM Night on Wed 4/13 6-7 PM @ White Rabbit, SF

2nd Wednesdays JAM Night 6 - 7 PM @ White Rabbit (formerly The Matrix Fillmore)


Join Me for a time of newly birthed songs (words & music) from my collection "Love Songs for the Divergent" around the fireplace in the Living Room at White Rabbit, 3138 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA 94123. If you are a musician and want to sit in with me for a jam session at 6:45PM, reach out and let's make some music together.  Email me shows [at] nkechi.com

Get Your Tickets HERE!  Can't. Wait. To. Play :)

JAM = (J)ust (A)nother (M)elody (TM)

Produced by Nkechi Live! Music, a division of The Emeruwa Music Foundation