New Music Release - Nkechi - Soul Rock Butterfly

Nkechi's EP Soul Rock Butterfly is now available.


Nkechi (nnn-KAY-chee)
is a singer/songwriter whose evocative voice explores a wide range of music territory, including acoustic soul, folk rock and pop in a signature inspirational and lyrical sound. Nkechi's rich vocal textures and knack for improvisation make her live performances a dynamic one-of-a-kind experience. As a full-blown creative delivering conscious messages through verse, rhyme, and melody.  She is also a painter and performing actor in film and theater.


Nkechi Live! Band is the performing platform for Nkechi's soul rock original music. Nkechi has been blessed with an amazing roster of musicians who together play a unique blend of her sensible rhythms which sometimes includes space for a five to thirty minute atmospheric jam mid song. Nkechi Live! Band has performed at venues such as Cafe DuNord, the Make Out Room, 12 Galaxies, El Rio, Hotel Utah, Rockit Room, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Great American Music Hall and festivals around the San Francisco Bay Area and east coast, such as Pride SF 2010 and 2012. Nkechi's vision is for her music to be instrumental as a consciousness raising call that enables connection between people.

Nkechi Live! Band :: A Full Tilt Jam Experience performs for large and small audiences as a mouthpiece for awareness and fund raising through music.

Gain a new experience in love and light with a powerful spark of hope for change. Nkechi's passion is to embrace Christ's love the source of her talent, joy and gratitude through music & the entertainment arts.